Accurate Financial forecasts are possible using Andrews Pitchfork strategy.

Dr. Alan H. Andrews, a retired MIT thermodynamics professor, taught the Andrews pitchfork strategy during the 1960s and 1970s.

Isaac Newton's Third Law of Motion, Action – Reaction, provided the foundation for Doctor Andrews' median line Price action trading techniques.

As a young man Timothy Morge participated in Dr. Andrews' classes and subsequently used Median line techniques in his successful career as a professional trader.

Dr. Morge (he earned three PhD’s in Math, Physics, and Economy from the University of Chicago) ultimately accumulated nearly 40 years of experience trading and mentoring other traders privately and through his websites, articles and group mentoring sessions.

Bryan V Post learned how to use Andrews Pitchfork from Professor Morge and finally achieved his goal of becoming a consistently profitable trader.


Andrews Pitchfork Book - Kindle and Paperback Editions


Harvest Bountiful Trading Profits Using Andrews Pitchfork

Price Action Trading with 80% Accuracy

Paperback edition:

Kindle edition:

Pitchfork Trading

Understanding how to use Andrews Pitchfork is key to successful Wealth management whether your interest is Swing trading strategies, Market structure trading, Technical analysis tools, or simple charting methods.

Pitchfork trading is appropriate for Swing traders, conservative Investors, stock Speculators, finance Portfolio managers, and Financial Analysts alike.

Trading styles and Investment strategies are unique to each individual. This book shows how Andrews Pitchfork provides a framework which benefits any type of trading.


How to Use a Pitchfork

Andrews Pitchfork strategy has five simple rules:

1. There is a high probability that price will reach the latest median line (ML)
2. Price will either reverse at the ML, gap (zoom) through it, or consolidate
above/below it
3. When price passes through the ML, it will pull back and retest the ML before
4. Price reverses at any ML or ML parallel
5. When price reverses before reaching the ML, it will move more in the opposite
direction than when it was rising toward the ML (Hagopian’s Rule)

For Bryan, the difference between ongoing losses and consistent profitability as a trader was learning how to use a pitchfork and these five rules.

Professor Morge referred to Andrews Pitchfork as "the single most powerful tool in my trading toolkit."

After drawing thousands of forks and being regularly amazed at their accuracy, Bryan whole-heartedly agrees with this sentiment.


Price Action Trading Strategies

Price action trading the Financial markets today with 80% accuracy IS possible, and Andrews Pitchfork strategy provides the 'how to'.

Regardless of your personal trading style, Andrews Pitchfork provides a framework and helps you identify critical market structure where high-probability trading opportunities are likely to occur.

When you are ready to take your wealth accumulation strategies to the next level, start with this foundational book:


Harvest Bountiful Trading Profits Using Andrews Pitchfork


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